By: Matt Collinge

Fall Decor Tips

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The line between cozy and cliché can be thin when it comes to fall decorations. Many of us want to get into the Halloween spirit, but goblins and ghosts aren’t always the most appealing. The same applies for Thanksgiving-- only so many turkeys and squash can be displayed before it looks like you live in a farmer’s field. Here are 6 tips to keep you on the cozy side of fall.

Mix in bright colours. 
Fall colours, pumpkins and flours

Warm browns and autumn reds are quintessential colours for fall, and we love them! Make them pop even more by mixing in a few brighter elements such as yellow chrysanthemums or pastel candles. This will give your home the cozy feel of fall while holding on, just ever so slightly, to the warm summer days that passed.

Use warm fabrics. 

Rich velvet or wool throw pillows will make you feel warm when you curl up on your couch. A few heavy blankets draped across your sofa will often get used on a cold afternoon or evening. Use textures that you would want to cozy up with in front of a fire and you’ll find your room instantly feels warmer. No fireplace required.

Be the farmHOUSE rather than the FARM. 

Think of the gorgeous blues and patterns typically found in old farm houses. Bring those into your home to represent the harvest rather than the vegetables (and animals). You can even paint some of your gourds to match.

Stay outside. 

Just because the nights are getting colder doesn’t mean you have to put the patio furniture away just yet. Add seat cushions and lots of candles to keep your outdoor space inviting. A blanket basket and small firepit are simple additions to warm up your patio.

Light it up. 

Candles, candles everywhere. When the days are shorter and the nights are longer adding candles gives you the feeling of natural light. As they flicker, you and your guests will instantly feel comfortable. Plus, if you opt for the fall scented ones, your home will like a fresh baked apple pie.

Be ready for the extra layers.

While we like to think of fall as crisp sunny days and cozy clear nights, that’s not always true. Prep your entrance way for guests coming in with big rain boots, umbrellas and extra jackets and scarves. An easy-to-clean rug and a coat tree can be a welcome addition to your entrance.

One of the best things about the season is that it’s easy to customize your home to reflect your favourite parts of the season—the colour, the fall vegetables, and the fact that there’s always a new holiday just a few weeks away. By embracing the change in weather and the good that comes with it, you can also start to prepare for the onslaught of darker days and winter.
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