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Government announces new HST/PST housing transitional rules
17 February 12 05:20 PM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
Government announces new HST/PST housing transitional rules The government today announced the HST/PST transitional rules on new homes. As the province transitions back to the PST, which will replace the HST effective April 1, 2013, measures to ease the Read More...
Onni Group and MAC Marketing Solutions Partner to Blow Out Metro Vancouver Condo Inventory
16 January 09 10:06 AM | Matt Collinge | 7 Comments   
This has already been in the news and all, but I thought I'd mention it here. I broke this on Twitter 2 days ago actually, so if you are not following me there please do. Basically Onni Group, who usually does their own condo marketing, have partnered Read More...
Canada Line And Residential Development Growth
22 August 08 11:23 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
The Vancouver Sun reported yesterday on a study by Landcor regarding the potential for residential growth around Canada Line stations in the next 10 - 20 years. For this to occur you need high density zoning and good market conditions they say. Well duh! Read More...
Canada’s New House Price Increases Slow Down
11 June 08 09:10 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
Straight from my Daily Economic Update from RBC (I wish they would quote the source of the stats. Maybe it is RBC itself.): The new housing price index was flat in April with the annual pace of increase slowing to 5.2% down from 6.1% in March. The house-only Read More...
Vancouver Housing Starts Up This Year
11 June 08 06:00 AM | Matt Collinge | 3 Comments   
Amongst all the news off increased listings and (slightly) decreased sales came the news earlier this week that housing starts are up so far this year in Vancouver. On Monday the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) announced that "preliminary" Read More...
Canadian Building Permits Down, But Housing Starts Up
08 April 08 08:29 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
I've been a lazy blogger this week. Not much in the way of big Vancouver real estate news, but I've been meaning to get out this post. On Monday this week Canadian building permit numbers for February were released and on Tuesday the Canadian Read More...
SURPRISE! Vancouver Housing Starts up in February. Who Cares?
11 March 08 04:27 PM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
According to CMHC Vancouver housing starts were up over 100% last month compared to February 2007. This is good news for the newspapers, but what does this tell us that we didn't already know? Not much. The Vancouver market is healthy? Inventory is Read More...
Not Again! Abbotsford Condo Project BRIO Stops Construction
07 March 08 09:03 PM | Matt Collinge | 3 Comments   
I heard of this first yesterday on CBC radio and now it is out on their website. The Brio condominium project in Abbotsford has stopped construction . They had only sold 20 of the proposed 174 units. The CBC story says: Brio buyers appear to have emerged Read More...
Chandler Developments Sends Two Projects in Receivership: H & H and Garden City
28 February 08 10:33 AM | Matt Collinge | 4 Comments   
Not Chandler again! Didn't we have enough about him last year. He too has run out of money and his H & H and Garden City projects are too be completed by someone else. CBC broke the news just after midnight last night on their website. Take a Read More...
Eden Developments Vancouver Condo Development Sophia Hits a Wall
24 February 08 08:59 AM | Matt Collinge | 21 Comments   
Or rather, it stops hitting walls. CBC reported the other day that Bill Eden's Eden Developments had stopped construction of its only active development, the Sophia. In a situation eerily similar to the Riverbend development that cancelled the contracts Read More...
Vancouver BC Real Estate: Housing Starts Up In January
08 February 08 02:10 PM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
Well its Friday and Fridays are for fun and Vancouver housing starts aren't very fun, but CMHC just released the January housing starts numbers so here we are. Housing starts must for fun for someone. The numbers are good with housing starts for last Read More...
Buying a New Condomnium in Vancouver? Be Very Careful
10 January 08 09:05 AM | Matt Collinge | 3 Comments   
Last night CBC TV's Wendy Mesley had a great story on Marketplace all about the risks inherent in buying a condominium at pre-sale from the developer (or the the marketing company they've hired). You can watch the video on CBC's website (which Read More...
Vancouver Real Estate: Housing Starts Near Record Levels in 2007
09 January 08 10:40 AM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
More good news for the Vancouver and Canadian real estate markets came today as Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) released their reports on housing starts across Canada and from larger centres across the country. Across Canada housing starts Read More...
Vancouver Real Estate: November Housing Starts
12 December 07 09:37 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
The big real estate news in Vancouver yesterday was Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) release of the November housing starts numbers. Nationally housing starts were stable compared with October, but in Metro Vancouver housing starts were Read More...
Royal Bank Predicts Canadian Interest Rates to Remain Stable and Building Permits to be Down
03 December 07 02:05 PM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
On Tuesday the Bank of Canada (BoC) will release their latest interest rate announcement and in my " Daily Economic Update" from the Royal Back (or are they just RBC now?) they had this to say: "Recent indications of firm domestic demand, Read More...
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