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Bank of Canada Leaves Overnight Rate Unchanged Again
17 July 08 09:06 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
Last time the Bank of Canada (BOC) was expected to drop the overnight interest rate they did not . This time they were expected to leave it where it was at, and they did. Siting Three major developments are affecting the Canadian economy: the protracted Read More...
Last Week's News: Minimum 5% and Maximum of 35 Years
14 July 08 11:51 AM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
I was pretty busy last week and didn't get the posts out about the big news that the 40 year mortgages and 0% down option will be eliminated on October 15th, 2008. I don't have too much to add to the discou rse on this. I have not worked with Read More...
RBC City Trends Report: Housing market froth finally evaporating
22 May 08 09:58 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
Quite the splashy title for the old RBC. As has been widely reported the Canadian market generally has cooled although it is cooler in some parts of the country (Calgary and Edmonton) than in others. The reports starts out talking about how the slow down Read More...
How the 50-plus Demographic is Affecting the Canadian Housing Market: A New Royal LePage Podcast
07 May 08 08:43 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
Linda Leatherdale, money editor of The Toronto Sun and host of MONEY LINE on Rogers Television, Lisa da Rocha, vice president, marketing and communications, Royal LePage Real Estate Services, and David Cravit, senior vice president, marketing, The 50Plus Read More...
15 Vancouver Real Estate Myths In The News Today
26 April 08 10:31 AM | Matt Collinge | 8 Comments   
Well, that's nothing new. Vancouver real estate is in the news almost everyday. The Vancouver Sun online has a story today titled 15 Real Estate Myths & Realities: The List. The article also includes the transcript of an interview by Christy Clark Read More...
Vancouver Real Estate News: The Spring Break Review
27 March 08 08:22 AM | Matt Collinge | 1 Comments   
I was away for Spring Break last week. Got back on Tuesday but have been busy catching up the last couple of days. Now its time to get you, and me , up to speed on the latest real estate news. The trend seems to be towards analysis of the future of the Read More...
Interest Rates: Bank of Canada Cuts Overnight Rate Again
22 January 08 10:39 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
The Bank of Canada (BOC) cut their overnight by 25 basis point and the U.S. Federal Reserve cut it's overnight rate by 75 basis points. The BOC says they were prompted to do this as “further stimulus is likely to be required in the near term Read More...
Bank of Canada Cuts Interest Rates By A Quarter of a Percent
04 December 07 09:54 AM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
It looks like the Bank of Canada is not as bullish on the economy as the Royal Bank and today they cut the target overnight lending rate from 4.5% to 4.25%. I would imagine that you can expect a similar drop in some of the mortgage rates. I will the leave Read More...
Interested in Flipping Real Estate? Listen to this podcast from Scotia Bank
19 November 07 01:08 PM | Matt Collinge | 1 Comments   
The Scotia Bank has gotten into the Web 2.0 world with their "The Money Clip" series of podcasts . You can subscribe to these through RSS or in iTunes . The latest one to appear in my Google Reader is called "Home Ownership: Flipping 101: Read More...
Bank of Canada Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged
06 September 07 09:33 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
The Bank of Canada announced yesterday that they would not raise interest rates as had been widely expected earlier in the summer. Generally siting uncertainty in a number of areas of the U.S. economy as well as possible upsides downides on the inflation Read More...
Bank of Canada Increases Interest Rates
10 July 07 12:45 PM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
Yesterday the Bank of Canada announced that it will increase interest rates by a quarter point to 4.50% to help control inflation brought on by a strong economy and soaring job growth. An article in the National Post stated that it seems the central bank Read More...
Canadian Interest Rates Headed Up
18 May 07 02:24 PM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
One of the great mortgage brokers I work with (Tanya Toye at RBC: 604-788-8693) sent me an email today to let me know that Canadian interest rates are headed up. If you are looking to buy in the near future be sure to lock in the present rates for another Read More...

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