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British Columbia Home Inspectors to be Licenced
03 February 09 01:32 PM | Matt Collinge | 1 Comments   
The provincial government has announced that starting March 31, 2009 all home inspectors in the province of British Columbia will have to be licensed. The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) released the following statement in support of Read More...
Would You Fill Out This Form?
12 June 08 08:09 AM | Matt Collinge | 6 Comments   
Well, starting June 23rd, this form and ALL the info it asks for will be required by law in Canada for all real estate transactions. This is part of the Proceeds of Crime Money (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act which I am guessing was passed Read More...
Canada’s New House Price Increases Slow Down
11 June 08 09:10 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
Straight from my Daily Economic Update from RBC (I wish they would quote the source of the stats. Maybe it is RBC itself.): The new housing price index was flat in April with the annual pace of increase slowing to 5.2% down from 6.1% in March. The house-only Read More...
RBC City Trends Report: Housing market froth finally evaporating
22 May 08 09:58 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
Quite the splashy title for the old RBC. As has been widely reported the Canadian market generally has cooled although it is cooler in some parts of the country (Calgary and Edmonton) than in others. The reports starts out talking about how the slow down Read More...
Canadian Real Estate Report in the Vancouver Sun Today
22 May 08 08:52 AM | Matt Collinge | 5 Comments   
In the "this is just a giant real estate ad" House Hunting section of the Vancovuer Sun today was an article (Title: Camp Report Released: Canadians have a balanced view of the real estate market) about a report that has been released by CAAMP Read More...
BC REALTLORS Lobby to Protect Property Rights
16 May 08 07:25 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
This is straight from a British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) email I received today. I thought you'd be interested in some of the things the real estate industry does that don't make the news very often. Property rights protected This Read More...
Green Real Estate Site Launched By British Columbia Real Estate Association
01 April 08 07:44 AM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) has launched a new website for REALTORS® and consumers all about "green" real estate called the Green Toolkit (for REALTORS®). I don't know why they had to include the "for Read More...
Vancouver Real Estate News: The Spring Break Review
27 March 08 08:22 AM | Matt Collinge | 1 Comments   
I was away for Spring Break last week. Got back on Tuesday but have been busy catching up the last couple of days. Now its time to get you, and me , up to speed on the latest real estate news. The trend seems to be towards analysis of the future of the Read More...
Chandler Developments Sends Two Projects in Receivership: H & H and Garden City
28 February 08 10:33 AM | Matt Collinge | 4 Comments   
Not Chandler again! Didn't we have enough about him last year. He too has run out of money and his H & H and Garden City projects are too be completed by someone else. CBC broke the news just after midnight last night on their website. Take a Read More...
Look for me at the BC Real Estate Convention Today, It's FREE!
26 February 08 11:42 AM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
I will be down at the BC Real Estate Convention (in Ballroom A, B & C at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre at Canada Place) today from 4 till 6pm which is when it ends. This is the last day of this free convention/ trade show covering Read More...
Eden Developments Vancouver Condo Development Sophia Hits a Wall
24 February 08 08:59 AM | Matt Collinge | 21 Comments   
Or rather, it stops hitting walls. CBC reported the other day that Bill Eden's Eden Developments had stopped construction of its only active development, the Sophia. In a situation eerily similar to the Riverbend development that cancelled the contracts Read More...
BC Real Estate Convention Starts Monday in Vancouver
21 February 08 02:36 PM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
This is the 4th year for the BC Real Estate Convention and it has gotten bigger every year. It must be the cost of admission. It is free! There will be exhibitors from many different real estate related fields, including developers both local and international), Read More...
U.S. Housing Starts Up, But Permits Down
20 February 08 10:49 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
This one is straight from the daily RBC Economic Update by RBC Economist Rishi Sondhi that is subscribe too. You too can subscribe to these as well as many other reports from the RBC Ecomonics team . They are useful for keeping an eye on the Canadian Read More...
2008 B.C. Budget Increases First Time Homebuyers Threshold
20 February 08 10:12 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
Carole Taylor, wearing her new, greener shoes, released the budget yesterday in Victoria. The big news has been about the carbon tax that was introduced , but for first time homebuyers driving around in their cars looking for their first home the big Read More...
Property Disclosure Statements: Be Honest, More Honest Than You Might Want To
14 February 08 12:42 PM | Matt Collinge | 12 Comments   
The British Columbia Real Estate Association sent B.C. REALTORs the latest edition of their Legally Speaking newsletter today and the story was all about the Property Disclosure Statement, or PDS for short, or PCDC for Property Condition Disclosure Statement Read More...
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