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Zoocasa Launches Zillow-esque Zoopraisals in Canada
17 October 11 10:42 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
Canadian real estate search and information site Zoocasa launched a new feature last week called Zoopraisal. What is a Zoopraisal you may be wondering? A Zoopraisal is a computer generated estimate of the value of a property. In the United State Zillow Read More...
Improvements Have Been Made To
01 December 08 01:22 PM | Matt Collinge | 7 Comments   
They (the Canadian Real Estate Association) tell me they have made some improvements to Personally I don't search for real estate there unless I am curious about some area outside of Greater Vancouver. Here is what they had to say about: Read More...
12 Seconds of Vancouver Real Estate <VIDEO>
26 November 08 01:09 PM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
I am a bit of a sucker for all the new social media websites out there. I will write another post soon about all the different places you can find me online. HINT: I am usually the 604homesguy if it is the kind of place where you have a username. I have Read More...
Selling Vancouver Real Estate - I Love This Virtual Tour Part 3
17 November 08 02:58 PM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
I Love This Virtual Tour Part 3 I started writing Part 3 about a different great feature of the Obeo virtual tours I use on all my Vancouver listings back a while ago, but it got lost in the shuffle of draft posts. This week Obeo announced an even better Read More...
I was on the panel at the Vancouver Real Estate Technology Meetup and here is the video
09 October 08 08:00 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
... and it is really long and you probably won't watch it, but that is ok, and this is a run-on sentence too. Rodney from Reachd video'd that whole thing and the video is FORTY NINE minutes long. Try fast forwarding to the parts where I talk. Read More...
I am on the panel at the Vancouver Real Estate Technology Meetup tonight
07 October 08 03:19 PM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
Tonight is the monthly Vancouver Real Estate Technology Meetup . The organizer, Stephen Jaggger of Ubertor and Reachd, has asked me to join Ian Watt and Tom Everitt on a panel where we will: have a question and answer period about the technology they Read More...
Homezilla: Another Canadian Web 2.0 Real Estate Site - I don't get it
01 October 08 01:29 PM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
Wow it seems like some people somewhere think there is money in the Canadian web 2.0 real estate hills, but me, I don't get it. The examples are there in the U.S. with trulia and zillow but with zoocasa and (which is so bad it doesn't Read More...
Zoocasa: A New Canadian Real Estate Search Site
18 September 08 11:46 AM | Matt Collinge | 4 Comments   
Canada has a new real estate search site and honestly I am not sure if we need one. Canada is VERY lucky to have a place in (soon/eventually to disappear) and where you can find virtually every property for sale on the MLS in Canada. Read More...
I Love This Virtual Tour: Part 2
17 September 08 08:03 AM | Matt Collinge | 4 Comments   
I started to write this post last week, but something went wrong and I lost it. I was not happy, but there we are, and here we go. In Part 1 I talked about the StyleDesigner feature that allows the visitor to re-decorate rooms in a house. You can change Read More...
I Love This Virtual Tour Part 1
03 September 08 09:08 AM | Matt Collinge | 4 Comments   
Early last year I had used an Obeo virtual tour for one of my listings and it was pretty good, but then they lost their Vancouver rep and their tours were not available in Vancouver for a while. Well they are back and I have to say I love the product. Read More... is now LIVE
03 July 08 01:19 PM | Matt Collinge | 1 Comments   
No time to write much about it (I'll update this later), but is now live. Go check it out! Matthew Collinge: Vancouver REALTOR® Read More... switch to delayed
28 May 08 08:44 AM | Matt Collinge | 8 Comments   
As any REALTOR will tell you, this is no surprise. The real estate industry is famously old and grouchy about technology changes. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) informed me this morning that: The public web site will officially Read More... to become
20 May 08 09:00 AM | Matt Collinge | 1 Comments   
I like to CAPITALIZE the first letter of very word in my titles, but small case seemed better today. Anyway, yes, will no longer be although they will, of course, be re-directing Read More...
I Added Audio To One Of My Listings
14 April 08 12:03 PM | Matt Collinge | 6 Comments   
I have added an "Audio Tour" or voice-over to one of my listings and I am interested to know what you you think about it. The way the website is set up it will only play automatically the first time you view the listing (on a given computer). Read More...
My Blog Got It's PageRank Back!
01 March 08 01:52 PM | Matt Collinge | 6 Comments   
I have been working on this blog of about a year now and pretty early on Google graced me with a PageRank (or "PR" for short) of 1!!! It is not much obviously, but at least they noticed I was out there. Then 6 months ago, or so, my handy Google Read More...
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