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Is this a new beginning for my Vancouver real estate blog?
04 January 11 11:21 AM | Matt Collinge | 4 Comments   
Well, maybe. One of my goals this year is to move this blog and website ( to a new platform (either Wordpress or Myrealpage). Another goal this year is to create WAY more online content in 2011. So here we go. Let's get started. I Read More...
12 Seconds of Vancouver Real Estate <VIDEO>
26 November 08 01:09 PM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
I am a bit of a sucker for all the new social media websites out there. I will write another post soon about all the different places you can find me online. HINT: I am usually the 604homesguy if it is the kind of place where you have a username. I have Read More...
Thanks for Watching and Reading the 604homesblog <VIDEO>
13 November 08 08:50 PM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that take the time to read, and watch, the 604homesblog. The video is below and on 604homesTV . Matthew Collinge: Vancouver REALTOR® Format: ??? Duration: 1:14 Read More...
Selling Your Vancouver Home? Quality Counts <VIDEO>
12 November 08 08:45 AM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
In this video I discuss how the quality of everything associated with the sale of your home will effect it's value. Lousy pictures equal less money, good pictures equal more money; crummy looking sign equals less money, good looking sign equals more Read More...
Vancouver Real Estate in the Papers <VIDEO>
30 October 08 01:07 PM | Matt Collinge | 1 Comments   
Vancouver real esate is a favourite topic for the local papers and today was not different, but remember their primary goal is selling newspapers. Read More...
Selling Your Vancouver Home in the Fall and Winter <VIDEO>
28 October 08 04:16 PM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
Selling you home at this time of year can have it's challenges. Buyers like to see their future home in the daylight, but it is always dark after work, so that only leaves the weekends. If we get a prolonged period of bad weather it can actaully have Read More...
I was on the panel at the Vancouver Real Estate Technology Meetup and here is the video
09 October 08 08:00 AM | Matt Collinge | (Comments Off)   
... and it is really long and you probably won't watch it, but that is ok, and this is a run-on sentence too. Rodney from Reachd video'd that whole thing and the video is FORTY NINE minutes long. Try fast forwarding to the parts where I talk. Read More...
Waterfront Real Estate in Metro Vancouver. Adventures in North Vancouver <VIDEO>
04 June 08 09:43 AM | Matt Collinge | 2 Comments   
Despite that big ocean immediately to the west of us there is preciously little waterfront real estate available in Vancouver . And what is available is largely very urban. This past weekend though I was showing a lovely home in the Woodlands-Sunshine-Cascade Read More...
Vancouver Real Estate Video Tips: Selling on Busy Streets
29 May 08 08:47 AM | Matt Collinge | 5 Comments   
Selling a home on one of Vancouver's busy streets can be a challenge. Yesterday I was walking along West 6th Ave. on my way to lunch and I noticed that I had walked past 4 For Sale signs in about a block. I happened to have my Flip Camera with me Read More...

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